The UAB Has Landed

It’s here. Finally. This is only part 1 of receiving our stuff, and it’s already like Christmas. Four boxes of assorted…stuff. The delivery guy actually asked me what was in one of the boxes (only to see how hard he could drop the box, I’m sure), and my response was, “Things. Lots of things.”

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The Olympics!

We got to go to an Olympic event today – never imagined I’d be able to do that! We managed to get last minute tix about a week ago for Men’s volleyball: Great Britain vs. Bulgaria, and then Russia vs. Germany. Sadly, GB lost, but it seems like they held up pretty well considering Bulgaria is ranked #9, and GB is ranked #92. And unlike the footage they’ve been showing of some of the other events (gymnastics (?!) and equestrian) the stadium at Earl’s Court was pretty packed.

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You Know You’re an American in London When…(Part 1)

I consider myself to be a pretty well-traveled and adaptable person, but as we settle in here and as I spend my pre-job days exploring the city, there are still things that baffle me, trip me up, and make me look like the bumbling, dorky American that I truly am. So here we go:

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We Made It!

We’ve arrived in London! We got here Friday morning at around 6am London time. The flight was pretty pleasant. I slept for an hour or so, but M stayed awake the entire seven hours, watching movies. We found our embassy sponsor with pretty much no issue and headed to the flat (that still sounds weird), getting there around 9 or so after fighting through the infamous London traffic.

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Foreign Service 101: Marriage

After Foreign Service life became a reality for us, I spent a lot (I mean, A LOT) of time looking through blogs of current foreign service officers and family members – usually wives. It was pretty frustrating, because many of them didn’t talk about the things that I really wanted to know: What is it like being a member of household (MOH – read: not married) vs. an Eligible Family Member (EFM – married)? How does the bid list work? When do you find out where you’re going? What is the whole process once you do find out where you’re going?  How long does it take your stuff to get to post? What are the job opportunities? And so on.

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Pack-Out Time and the Living’s Easy

So pack out is complete! The movers came at 9:30am on Thursday morning and got right to work on our disaster zone. It was pretty awesome to watch. There were five people there working away, and they were done in about 4 hours. Mind you, we don’t have that much stuff, and are not bringing any furniture except for our mattress, so it was a relatively easy move for them, but it was still impressive. M and I sat in the corner and drank a bottle of wine while watching them pack away. Best move ever. You can see some of our mess below.

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