Pack-Out Time and the Living’s Easy

So pack out is complete! The movers came at 9:30am on Thursday morning and got right to work on our disaster zone. It was pretty awesome to watch. There were five people there working away, and they were done in about 4 hours. Mind you, we don’t have that much stuff, and are not bringing any furniture except for our mattress, so it was a relatively easy move for them, but it was still impressive. M and I sat in the corner and drank a bottle of wine while watching them pack away. Best move ever. You can see some of our mess below.

And now we’re at the hotel! It’s great and has been super relaxing so far. There’s a massive pool and jacuzzi here as an added bonus. Let’s just say that we’re thoroughly enjoying these few days. Side note – this is one perk that DC based new FSOs get. Up until this point, they have to sit by and watch the other new FSOs get per diem and housing since they’ve moved from outside of DC for A-100. The DC guys don’t get any per diem or anything until (up to) 10 days before departure for post. So, once you move out of your apartment/house, you are eligible to get reimbursed for a hotel room and get per diem. Pretty nice.

Today is M’s birthday so we’re off to have a relaxing day by the pool with some friends. T-3 days before we leave for NYC, 4 until London. Woohoo!


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