The UAB Has Landed

It’s here. Finally. This is only part 1 of receiving our stuff, and it’s already like Christmas. Four boxes of assorted…stuff. The delivery guy actually asked me what was in one of the boxes (only to see how hard he could drop the box, I’m sure), and my response was, “Things. Lots of things.”

I got box #2 open and found the jackpot:

Yes, you’re seeing correctly. Hangers are considered the jackpot these days. I know, I know – lame – but they will allow me to remove these from the coatrack in our living room:

Hallelujah. Back to unpacking.


2 thoughts on “The UAB Has Landed

  1. I take issue with this picture. It's either I have ironed shirts in the living room, or wrinkled shirts balled up in the closet. Either way I'm screwed. pshaw.


  2. Pshaw right back at ya! I think if you look again señor, there are now no ironed shirts hanging on our coat rack, and no balled up shirts anywhere either. hmph. Nice try. 😉


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