Wedding Planning

On the days where I wake up and find that I took my contacts lenses out, put them in their case, and then forgot to actually put solution in there the night before, I wonder about my sanity and whether I’m trying to do a few too many things at one time.

Wedding planning has become my nemesis.

M and I got officially married in June, but since that was the typical Foreign Service – “oh shit, we need to get married in hyperspeed” – wedding (read: civil ceremony), we are doing another wedding next summer – this time with all of our friends and family there to witness and celebrate with us (yaaaay!). Now, I enjoy planning things and being organized, but wedding planning may be the end of me. Maybe because there is a difference between planning, and being totally crazy pants (Emily, I will forever love you for bringing that phrase into my life) and taking on too much.

So I admit it, I need to calm down and relax. But I am still anxious about the bazillion things that we have to do – and not only do, but do from thousands of miles away. The good part is, we booked the venue before we left:

Breaux Vineyards! Woohoo!

Our venue is wonderful. My dream venue. Our dream venue (I hope. I mean – I know he loves it, but still.) See more here. We love wine, somewhat love Virginia, and love that it will be outside and in the beginning of summer. So venue = check! That’s big, right? But then there’s still the tent, the caterer, flowers, dj, photographer, videographer, colors to choose, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, hotels, guest list…*breathe*. I know I am far from unique and should probably stop complaining, but writing seems to help keep me sane these days, so, apologies – this post has happened.

What is great though, is that we are in a place where I can have someone do the alterations on my dress and do an amazing job. We are in a place where we’ve got stable internet to do all the googling for good djs in the middle of nowhere, Virginia. We have all of our family back in the states to help us out. And we actually get to have another wedding, exactly the way we want it (have I mentioned how ridiculously expensive all of this stuff is?! How does anyone afford this??). So, as crazy as I may be over the next few months, it’ll all be worth it when we’re there, partying and having the best time with our family and friends.

And on that positive note, back to my wedding planning immersion experience – also known as what happens when an engaged (…or, uh, already married…) female is unemployed and childless. If you haven’t seen Four Weddings before, it really is a great show – check it out.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning

  1. Deep breath — you can do it! We opted for a hybrid Foreign Service “oh shit, we need to get married in hyperspeed”/traditional wedding. It was planned in under five months from engagement to ceremony but it was really small (35 people) so that made it slightly more manageable. Honestly, having the looming deadline just made us get things done.

    But you do face the challenge of having to plan from afar — although that might make it easier too, because then you can just book several appointments in one or two trips back to the states when you need to.

    Good luck!

    Also, I got married in Virginia and had a great photographer who is a photojournalist and does weddings on a freelance basis (she was a former coworker when I was a reporter). She is great and affordable so let me know if you are on the lookout.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement. We're definitely on the lookout for photographers! We've researched a few, but so far they've all been a bit pricier than we've wanted, so please share!


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