The Adjustment Curve

I’ve definitely been slacking a bit on the posts – probably because I’ve been too busy having more mood swings than a teenage girl – a phenomenon also referred to as “adjusting to foreign service life.”

In all seriousness though, things are good, and continue to be busy. We – well mostly me – have been exploring the city more and more, and actually ventured out of London this past weekend. More on that later. The adjustment process is a long one though. There’s an “adjustment curve” that they tell (warn) you about in A-100, which the officers then so kindly pass on to their significant others. Or not. I remember M fleetingly telling me about it at one point – I think to calm me down when I was on an emotional high and thought the weather in london would stay sunny forever. And they don’t make this stuff up – that continues to be verified as more and more weeks pass by here and we find ourselves on this adjustment curve. It goes something like this:

1. Elation upon finding out that you are in the foreign service and are about to embark on this adventure.
2. Excitement at finally arriving at post, starting your job, and your new life after all those months and months of training and waiting.
3. Continued excitement as you think – this is the BEST PLACE ON EARTH.
4. Downward spiral as you start to realize you don’t have any of your stuff and that not quite everything you want is available to you anymore. Where is my internet? Why can’t I find chicken broth?!
5. You get your HHE and UAB delivered, and slowly climb out of the culture shock abyss. Happiness level begins to plateau off, hopefully a little higher than your normal life before, and things are generally good!

I picture all of this to look a little something like this:








Now cut to my adjustment curve:







That, my friends, is what you call complete chaos. It kind of looks like a heart monitor, doesn’t it?

I do say most of this jokingly and with a tilt towards the dramatic (shocking, coming from me, I know). Life is not perfect. Oh lordy, is it not perfect…but things are pretty damn good right now, considering. When I look at it from afar and think about the amazing past year I’ve had, I really can’t complain. The biggest problems I have in my life are finding a job so I can put my degree to good use and have my own money to buy clothes and other things I don’t really need (but ooooh so love), and planning my dream wedding to my dream guy. Yeah, life is tough.


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