Meet Our Newest Family Members

So we’ve been waiting to adopt some little guys until we were somewhat settled, and now that that point has finally come (?), I’d like to introduce our boys, Han and Chewie:


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The Before

Well, our stuff got delivered. It got unpacked. Now it just needs to be put..somewhere…

So in anticipation of us actually being able to achieve a nice apartment at some point and have an “after,” I give you the “before pictures:

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Oh, Happy Day

This was me on Wednesday:

The good news just poured…

First, we got notification that our HHE was in the near vicinity – aka not in the ocean. It is being delivered next Wednesday. WOOHOOO! Of course, M will be in DC for work when it arrives, but I am prepared to do battle with the delivery guys and make sure that they unpack everything this time. Side note – when our UAB arrived, they claimed it was not their responsibility to unpack anything. I knew they would try to say this based off of comments from others, but didn’t care at the time because I wanted to unpack everything myself, and there were only 4 boxes. With the HHE it’s different. I definitely do not want all 40 of the boxes left in our apartment for us to dispose of, and I have zero desire to unpack all of them myself. Dukes are up and ready.

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Weekend Trip Numero Uno

Last weekend was a holiday weekend for the Brits, (Monday was a Bank holiday, and no, I’m still not sure what that means) so we planned a trip out to Bath and Downton Abbey. Bath is a gorgeous city about an hour or so west of London, and Downton Abbey…well if you haven’t seen the show, you should immediately go watch it. To give you the lowdown in the meantime, it’s a British drama set in the early-ish 1900’s in a huge estate/castle. The actual castle that they film it at is called Highclere Castle, and it’s open to visitors. Very cool, and very high on the list of necessary places to visit.

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