Oh, Happy Day

This was me on Wednesday:

The good news just poured…

First, we got notification that our HHE was in the near vicinity – aka not in the ocean. It is being delivered next Wednesday. WOOHOOO! Of course, M will be in DC for work when it arrives, but I am prepared to do battle with the delivery guys and make sure that they unpack everything this time. Side note – when our UAB arrived, they claimed it was not their responsibility to unpack anything. I knew they would try to say this based off of comments from others, but didn’t care at the time because I wanted to unpack everything myself, and there were only 4 boxes. With the HHE it’s different. I definitely do not want all 40 of the boxes left in our apartment for us to dispose of, and I have zero desire to unpack all of them myself. Dukes are up and ready.

As if that wasn’t good enough news – because honestly, that would have been enough to make my month – I also found out that there is a strong possibility that I will have a job in the next few weeks. More to come on that. Fingers crossed that it all works out as planned.

And finally, we got a bunch of stuff that we ordered off of amazon delivered way earlier than I thought we would. About 2 weeks earlier. I love amazon.

The delivery included an awesome trashcan (shush – it really is). It’s a combo recycling/regular one. If you lived with my husband, you would understand why this is awesome. We also got more hangers (I literally yelled, haaaangers, and then started laughing at myself because I sounded exactly like Cookie Monster. Yes, I am losing it.), and a hamper, which again, I would have probably considered very lame a few months ago. Right now, I think it’s wonderful.

And now I’m off for a run, because – ah right – the weather has also been absolutely gorgeous the whole week. What is going on?!


2 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Day

  1. Yay! So about how long will it have taken for you to receive your HHE? And how long did it take to receive your UAB? I know it can take up to three months for HHE + car to arrive so I am trying to mentally prepare myself for that.

    Our packout is this Friday!


  2. Wooo packout! That's great things are moving for you guys. It's so nice when all your stuff is finally packed after the mess and craziness of preparing for it.

    It took just a little over 2 weeks for our UAB and exactly 9 weeks for us to get the HHE. It felt like forever, but mainly bc we didn't pack the right stuff in our UAB. You figure out how to deal with it though. Have fun on Friday!


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