The Before

Well, our stuff got delivered. It got unpacked. Now it just needs to be put..somewhere…

So in anticipation of us actually being able to achieve a nice apartment at some point and have an “after,” I give you the “before pictures:

What used to be a living room.
I can’t even comment. No words for this.
Yeah, that’s our bedroom.
Hey London guests! Take a look at your room! 🙂

These pictures make me tear up a little. Basically, we have a lot of junk and no storage space (I am not even exaggerating. None. We have two closets, and those won’t even fit all of our clothes.), so I’m going to have to learn how to be really creative in the world of home furnishings and storage in the next few days…weeks. Apparently we really needed more junk so that we could have met the weight minimum to put stuff into storage. Isn’t that ironic?

If anyone has any tips or links to things that help with storage in small apartments, feel free to share!


2 thoughts on “The Before

  1. Oh wow. Fortunately we will be in the opposite situation: going from a tiny one-bedroom in Arlington to a spacious three-bedroom at post! It took five movers nearly six hours to pack all our stuff. I don't even know how we crammed that much into our apartment. Most of it is going to storage!


  2. Oh man, I am so so jealous of you guys having such a large place! But happy for you. I know how the tiny apartments can be, and it's rough (not even talking about this current place)!


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