Meet Our Newest Family Members

So we’ve been waiting to adopt some little guys until we were somewhat settled, and now that that point has finally come (?), I’d like to introduce our boys, Han and Chewie:


I can’t even tell you who is who in this picture. They look like twins (they’re brothers), and do a countless number of cute things everyday. Chewie is the more rambunctous of the two. Han is a little smaller than his brother and has a scratch on his nose. That’s pretty much the only way we can tell them apart these days (different colored collars are on the way).

It’s so nice having them around, even though they’re presently crawling all over me and my laptop in order to keep me from typing and pay them some attention instead. This is obviously annoying, but then they do things like this and all is forgiven:



3 thoughts on “Meet Our Newest Family Members

  1. Aw! My husband is allergic to cats (or so he claims) so alas, we will never have one. I grew up with family dogs and never cats, but have grown to like them as an adult because they're so low-maintenance (compared to dogs). I've never really even owned a plant though, so …


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