Gangnam What?

I am old. You know how I know? Not because I’m married. Not because I found a gray hair the other day (actually, let’s be real – that thing was bright white.). Nope, it’s because I have no idea what the heeeeeyell this is:

 I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. For the other old people reading this, this song is called “Gangnam Style,” and from what I can understand, it’s really popular back home. Say what?!

I check the iTunes charts every once in awhile just to get an idea of what songs are popular, and this one was on there. I could blame my lack of music awareness on the fact that I don’t really get to listen to music here, but I mean – I had to check iTunes for updates even when I was living in NYC, because I was too busy with school to hear about anything pop culture related. Oh, how the times have changed! I used to be the source of all things pop culture and cool for my parents, and the other day, my mom was actually telling ME about a song that was really popular in the States. I only felt better because it was by Flo Rida, and she still pronounces his name “Flo-reeda.” (Sorry, ma.)

Other reasons I know I’m old? I take pictures of our kittens like they’re my children. I prefer a night on the couch with my husband to a night at a club. And, I had a seriously adverse reaction to these outfits these girls were wearing at one of our local pubs the other night. They couldn’t have been more than 20 years old, and I literally was shaking my head in horror as I waited behind them in the bathroom. Even though I wore some similarly, uh, slightly interesting outfits back in my “fun in NYC” days (hey, they were hot outfits, but I know now that some of them shouldn’t have been seen by anyone but me and my mirror), I still stand by the fact that my dresses were never that short. Britney Spears I was not.

I plan on putting a little more effort into keeping up with music though, because I do miss it. But if anyone can explain why Gangnam style is cool, feel free to let me know…


3 thoughts on “Gangnam What?

  1. OMG this is so funny. I had no idea what it was either until I saw it on TV at the gym a couple weeks ago. And then I forgot about it and came across it on another blog. After which I promptly Googled it and read some news articles. But yes, apparently it is quite the global sensation! I really didn't know this whole genre of “K-Pop” music exists.


  2. Girl, I JUST watched the Gangnam Style video myself about three days ago. People have been talking about it for months, I've seen PSY (the “singer”) on numberous talk/late night shows, and heard the song played at bars and WEDDINGS, so I finally decided to give in and check it out. I don't get it either and I likely never will. p.s. This is how I know I'm old: I am dreading Halloween. I would rather stay home and watch a movie (and NOT a scary one!) than leave the apartment and freeze my tush off at some bar that is overcrowded with 22-year-olds. Le sigh.


  3. haha, you guys have made me feel better, thanks. And since writing this, I've heard Gangnam Style EVERYWHERE. It was at the embassy halloween party, on tv constantly – just everywhere. aaaaah! ( (side note – ruby, rest assured that it will NOT be played at my wedding. yikes.)


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