Ok, I Get It Now

Everyone complains about London’s weather. Londoners complain. Non-Londoners complain. People who’ve never even been to London complain about it.

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The Adventures of Pre-Motherhood

Sometimes I wonder what kind of parents M and I will be (some day WAY IN THE FUTURE, MOM. Do not get your hopes up.). It seems like the majority of people posted here in London, and elsewhere really – have children, and I can understand how the kid timeline can get upped when you’re living this lifestyle. However, getting the kittens has been a good test (and lesson) for us. Having pets really is the closest thing to children I think you can get, other than actually having the kids. I would say babysitting, but that doesn’t count, because you always know they’re going home, so it’s never quite as real. With pets, they’re yours – forever. And if you get them when they’re babies, you’re basically raising them and teaching them your ways as though they’re a child. Or something.

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Looking Forward (Shamefully)

In this life of moving every 2 or 3 years, it is really difficult not to think ahead sometimes and dream or wonder about where the next post will be. I try to stay in the present and enjoy London – because living in a mindset where you always think about ‘what’s next’ is no way to live – but today, I drifted off for a bit.

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Winter’s a Comin’

The days have started getting shorter here and the weather a little colder as we get closer to the holidays and time continues flying by as if it’s a race. As of yesterday, M and I have been married for 5 months. I don’t know where the time has gone. It seems like we just got here and were just taking a taxi to the Arlington courthouse in a happy daze. M of course laughed at me when I noted it was our 5 month wedding anniversary. “5 months? One less than 6 months?”

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