Looking Forward (Shamefully)

In this life of moving every 2 or 3 years, it is really difficult not to think ahead sometimes and dream or wonder about where the next post will be. I try to stay in the present and enjoy London – because living in a mindset where you always think about ‘what’s next’ is no way to live – but today, I drifted off for a bit.

It all started because an old grad school classmate sent out an email asking for recommendations on volunteer english teaching programs for a friend. She mentioned that said friend was most likely looking to go to Chile, but was still interested in recommendations. I actually spent a few months in a volunteer program teaching in Chile, and before that I traveled all throughout South America. The traveling was not supposed to happen, but even with all the bumps and turns I experienced before the trip even started, it turned into the best trip of my life. I consider it the beginning of what I like to call “Phase 2” of my adult life – the point where I really started to figure out what type of person I wanted to be and what I really wanted my life to be about.

So all of this led to a trip down memory lane, because I went back to my blog that I kept during those months that I was away. It made me remember how freakin’ fantastic keeping a blog can be. It was like going in a time capsule and transporting myself back to some of the best (and worst) times. If you are bored, and feel like wasting time, I think it’s a pretty entertaining (but LONG – you’ve been warned) read. But admittedly, I am pretty biased.

It also made me pine for South America. London has so many wonderful aspects to it, but I so miss Chile and the rest of SA. It’s exciting to think about the prospect of being able to go back there and experience the area in a completely different way. Santiago is not my favorite city in the world (I actually think it’s pretty hideous), but the idea of being able to go back to other areas in Chile that I didn’t get a chance to experience, and to go back to those that I did, makes me positively giddy. We shall see.

Aaaaand, end of looking ahead. I have a flat to decorate!


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