Ok, I Get It Now

Everyone complains about London’s weather. Londoners complain. Non-Londoners complain. People who’ve never even been to London complain about it.

When we got here, it was fine. It was summer, and they’d just come out of a month of basically only rain and cool temperatures  Not exactly what you want for summer. But right after we arrived it got unseasonably warm, and when we weren’t in our un-airconditioned apartment, it was pretty glorious. The rest of our time here has been pretty decent weather-wise as well. It’s hovered somewhere around 45-60 degrees, and there’s been the occasional rain, but it hasn’t been any worse than New York. This is with the exception of the week that we had our first visitors – that week the sun decided to take a vacation and it rained every day.

Well now, it’s pretty rough out. It’s rained for what seems like almost every day for as long as I can remember, and it’s getting steadily colder – although still nowhere near as bad as it gets back on the east coast. The worst part though is this:

That’s the view from our living room. At roughly 4:30pm. Remember when I said it was staying light outside until very late and that we were going to pay for that loveliness later? Well, it’s winter now, and we’re definitely paying for it.

All of this makes it very difficult to make myself go outside and be active, so that is a battle I’m constantly fighting. Because of that, I’m trying to do things that are planned and scheduled, so that I’m more likely to stick to them and go. This week, I’m going to a practice for a choir here called Rock Choir. I actually saw them perform at a Christmas lighting event at our local High Street, and thought I’d check them out and see if it’s something I’d like to join, so we’ll see how it goes on Thursday.

In addition to that, M and I are heading to Barcelona on Friday! So very excited to go there. I studied in Granada for a semester during undergrad, and never got the chance to go to Barcelona while I was there, so it has been on the list for awhile. As an added bonus, Barcelona was recently in a Lonely Planet article about alternative Christmas markets. Love the holidays!


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