Radio Silence…Over!

Holy hiatus, Batman.

I’m back! It’s been quite awhile, but I have legitimate reasons for the silence, I promise.

First off, I started work and found out that I could go back to DC for Consular training all within less than a week of each other. Complete madness. To top that off, all of this happened just a few weeks before the holidays. Insert panicking and figuring out how the husband and I could spend the holidays together, as well as maximize our time back in the states (aka visit as much family as possible).

It all worked out fantastically, as it somehow always seems to. Training has been great – it is incredibly interesting work, to the point where I started getting scared that I’m one of those people that’s destined to be a student forever. Although…maybe not. I did receive my first grad school loan bill in November, so I’m pretty sure I’m done with school, but training and being at FSI (the Foreign Service Institute) has been great.

M and I wanted to surprise everyone since no one expected us to be anywhere near the good ‘ol U.S. of A. for the holidays, and it worked. Boy, did it work. Normally I would insert a picture here – but I was too busy wiping away my own little teary eyes as my mom bawled after realizing that I was standing in front of her – to take pics. Victory. She was visiting my sister as a Christmas surprise, so neither her, nor the rest of the fam had any idea I was coming to DC (Christmas Surprise Part 1: Check.). It also just so happened that my brother, sister-in-law, and niece were at my sister’s, so I got most of the family all in one go. It was the most I could ask for, considering. (We missed you, Dad!)

M got to DC a few days before Christmas, so we spent Christmas Eve with my sister and co., and then flew to Florida on Christmas day to surprise his family. Despite the fact that our flight was a little late, it went off without a hitch (Christmas Surprise Part 2: Check!). We spent a week in Florida, including New Years Eve at Disney with a surprise reunion with one of my bridesmaids, and then headed back to DC. Thanks to the fact that M works his butt off, he had a decent amount of vacation time available, so he was able to stay until today. So as usual, I’m using writing as a form a therapy, because without it, I would be forced to notice his blinding absence. I have a great appreciation for the people that spend a tour or so apart. It is one of the probable aspects of tandem couple life that makes me hesitant to even begin to embark on that road (but let’s not forget that there are also many couples that are separated and are not both foreign service officers. Possibly an even worse situation, because it’s not by “choice.”).

So that is the run-down. I’m in DC finishing up consular training until the end of the month, and then I will be back (home!) in London with my boys – all three of them – furry monsters included. In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of being close to my siblings and being close to our wedding venue. Wedding planning in the U.S. for the win!

Most people ask me how it feels to be back, and I’ll be honest, it was definitely strange at first. When I got to the States, I immediately booked a zipcar so that I could drive out to my sister’s and surprise everyone. After I got in the car, I immediately started freaking out and almost made a turn onto the left side of the road. Apparently, you don’t need to drive on the left side of the road for 5 months in order to be confused – all it takes is walking on that side.

After that first day or so, I was surprisingly underwhelmed about being back. It was nice (really really nice) to see everyone, but that euphoria started to wear off a bit as the jet lag refused to end, and I started realizing that London was home to me. This was until I went to the supermarket. OH GOD, AMERICAN SUPERMARKETS. To put it simply, there are 3 things in my fridge right now: spicy chicken sausage, turkey bacon, and flour tortillas. I walked into that supermarket and about died of happiness. And this is coming from the girl that lives in the UK – it’s not like we’re in the middle of nowhere. To my future self posted in who knows where, good luck. 😉

Since I’m a bit of a working woman now, it’s time for me to sign off. Or time for me to go enjoy having HGTV on the television. Either one! I leave you with a few fun pictures from the past few weeks. Happy 2013! Here’s to an exciting year ahead.

Family! We’re together! OMG!
I adore this kid. But he’s less than half my age and already almost as tall as I am, so I give him noogies while I still can.
Epcot for New Years? Why not!
Hmmm. Beige tablecloth for wedding? Or less beige?

3 thoughts on “Radio Silence…Over!

  1. This is how I can tell that London is now “home” – you said “the States.” Only people not from (or living in) the U.S. call it “the States” hahaha… And YES to real supermarkets!


  2. Ruby – I now notice every time I say “the States.” It's often. I thought people said that?!

    Natasha – you didn't miss anything! haha. I'm in one of the EFM jobs, but I got lucky enough to go back for training after I started. Good stuff.


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