Fish in the Making

It’s that time of year (still) where everyone is sick, so I’m home today trying to recover from whatever bug is currently handing me my arse. Good thing about this – I have time to write! And catch up on Dexter. Multitasking (ADD?) for the win.

So as I was saying in the last brief blog following my second ridiculous hiatus, fun things have been a-happenin’. One thing is particular, has been the planning of our honeymoon. We finally got it all figured out (actually- M did – I should give him credit where it’s due), and based off a random suggestion from a friend (hi matty!), we’re going to….

Tanzania! Woohoo! I am SO, let me repeat, SO excited. I can’t wait for the wedding, but a week of relaxing, going on an awesome safari, and then relaxing some more, sounds pretty freakin’ amazing.

This leads me to more interesting news relating to what I’ve been up to that has kept me off of the computer. Part of our honeymoon will take us to Zanzibar, which is an island off the eastern coast of Tanzania. One thing that Zanzibar is known for, besides being gorgeous and warm – the only two things I really want right now – is great scuba diving. M has been subtly trying to convince me to get certified for over a year now. He is of course certified and loves scuba diving. I, girl that cannot really swim unless forced to, was slightly terrified by the mere idea of it. This fear increased after I tried to go snorkeling last year in florida, and ended up with so much water in my ears that I had to lie on the couch for a few hours and try to force the water out of my head. It was not pleasant.

But, since I’m crazy, I remained open to the idea of scuba diving, and a few weeks ago, an Amazon Local deal came up for a trial scuba diving class with a company called Oyster Diving. I booked it. And then I actually followed through and went to the class last week. And…I liked it! Granted, we were in a pool, a very controlled environment, but I enjoyed the experience and didn’t panic while I was underwater, which I was slightly concerned about. So the plan is, I’ll be like this is a few weeks:

Not really, but I’ll be certified and able to do dives with M in Zanzibar, which is pretty exciting. On top of that though, I’m also going to start taking swimming lessons at our gym. I can survive in the water if need be, and swim across a pool ok, but I’m by no means a great swimmer and never took lessons when I was younger, so now seemed like a good time to do it. Particularly before I go into the open water with a massively heavy tube of oxygen on my back.

So that’s that. Wish me luck!


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