Play that Funky Music

I’m in a funk. There. I said it.

Life is usually pretty good, but it’s been a tough month (yes, all three days of it) and I have to admit that I’m feeling a little funky these days. There’s been a few things that have piled up and gone wrong, but I think the biggest obstacle right now is that, unfortunately, my tolerance and attempted optimism for the weather here has finally maxed out. Basically, I’ve reached my cold weather quota. I’m thinking I probably shouldn’t have rolled my eyes (just a little!) in the medical briefing here when they said that Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately acronymed “SAD”) is a real thing here, and that there’s no shame in going to the med unit to talk to someone when/if it hits. Well, I might be there. Or not, but honestly – it snowed today. All day. ‘Nuff said.

Then there’s this:
Yeah, that’s my laptop. Sigh. And yes, it looks like the screen is cracked, but it’s actually internally cracked. Ha! Who knew. Friendly advice to everyone – if you think that ledge you’re putting your laptop on is just a liiittle too small, trust your gut. 😉 On the bright side, a new macbook is on the way! Woop!
A further source of the blues though? Coming home to this in the hallway:
What in the world is that, you ask? It’s a portable air conditioner! But…you just said it was snowing outside?! What the heck do you need an AC for?! Well, we figured out pretty quickly after we arrived  last summer and it was wonderfully warm, that it was a little too wonderfully warm in our flat. It took several weeks for GSO (that’s the branch in the embassy that takes care of housing and whatnot) to have enough stock to deliver an AC once we requested one. Completely understandable. So, we put in a request early this time, with the expectation that it would take awhile to get one, and probably be closer to summer/warmth by that point. Well, the weather hasn’t quite lived up to expectations yet, but we’re happy to have the AC for that moment when it does. What wasn’t so fun (nor appreciated by this feisty girl), was getting lectured by GSO about requesting too many furniture removals (asking to have an AC removed during the long winter months and then requesting another one for the summer is now a big no-no! Future Londoners beware.).
This all, however, is really just part of the bigger frustration of how cramped we feel in the apartment – hence the furniture we’ve had removed and the need to have the AC removed after last summer since there was nowhere to store it except the hallway it’s currently in. 😉 M has been much better in dealing with this than I have, but I’m trying to keep things in perspective and remember the positives of the place. We also spent some time a few weeks ago rearranging things to try to open up the space, so that has helped, but I think we’re both very much looking forward to living in a less desirable city where the housing options are a little better and much bigger.
And on that note, I will end this sad sad post. Promises for a much cheerier post next time around. Here’s to brighter days and a very warm spring!

One thought on “Play that Funky Music

  1. Awww. Li! I hope it warms up very soon! I know it must be hard. SAD is a real thing. I think I get it around Feb. ugh. cold weather is for the birds. Anyway, We should GChat soon. weekend??? I miss my sis. 🙂


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