Heat Wave

Breaking news folks: The UK is having its first summer on record since the 1800’s!

Ok, not quite, but holy cow, it’s been warm here – as in 70’s to mid-80’s for the high pretty much everyday for the last MONTH. That’s right, a whole month. And yes, that is a big deal!

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One Year In

Yesterday was our one-year anniversary in London. Woop woop! We spent some time throughout the day reminiscing about what we were doing at that particular point in the day one year ago. It ended up going something like, “oh, we were sleeping still.” “Aahh, remember we were heading to the pub down the road and met a bunch of people from the embassy?” And so on. It’s been quite a year, but things are beginning to normalize after the craziness of getting settled here, doing non-stop wedding planning, finding a job, both of us getting settled in our jobs, actually having the wedding, going on the honeymoon, and finally getting back here to resume life as “normal.” After we got back from the honeymoon, we kind of sat there for a second, looked at each other and said, ok, now we can actually start living a somewhat normal life. Phew.

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