Far Far Away

One of the hardest things about living abroad and far away from family and friends is when the big events come up. Like weddings. And babies. Two of those are happening to two of my best friends very soon, and I was more than a little upset about having to miss their bridal and baby showers, which occurred on the same weekend back home in Delaware. I was thisclose to just saying, screw it! and buying a ticket home, but then I saw the price tag and came back down to reality.

I then considered using miles to buy the ticket, but not only did I not have enough to cover the flight, I also would have had to still pay another $250 in addition to using 50k points. Brutal (thanks United! Yeesh man.). So that was a bit of a bummer. I haven’t thankfully had to miss much more than that, but it’s something that M and I have talked about before – how the difficult part of all this – when we really think about it – is realizing that we will be missing a lot of important events, and missing just watching our nieces and nephews, who we adore, grow up. It was something I definitely took for granted when I did live in the US, but I am happy that I did get to spend a lot of time with them before all of this happened. It’s just a part of the lifestyle that we’ll have to battle and balance.

So in honor of me missing friends and family, I’m going to put in a plug for an app that I think is pretty awesome, and is a great way to keep in touch with people. It’s called “Days”, and you can check out a description here. It’s basically a photo diary of your day. You take pictures throughout the day, and the app time stamps them. Then, the next morning you can post your day, which is all in the form of pictures. The fun part is that you can take multiple pictures of one specific moment or part of your day, and the app will automatically make a gif out of those pictures. Very cool! So if you can’t tell, I’m a big fan, but it’s only really fun if other people are on it and posting their days as well. So far I’ve conned my mom and sister into joining. Come on people!

Last thing, we’ve been cat-sitting a friend’s little guy for the past week. It’s been a little wild having three cats around (hello, cat lady), but we’ve had a good time, especially since Chewie is still alive after his little skydiving trip (More on that in a future post.). And honestly, how can you not love this little face?

Bahahhaha. I promise he’s actually really sweet. But yeah. I know.


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