Single Weekend

Sometimes I feel this need/pressure to write only about meaningful things, but that definitely is not always necessary. I’m going to go along with that philosophy for this post.

M went away to Scotland this weekend with some friends from the embassy, and so I was left to be “single” for the weekend. Holy crap, I am BAD at being single. I did accomplish a lot this weekend (christmas shopping, exercising, laundry, spending money…spending more money), but I was pretty much over the silence after about 5 hours. The cats just don’t really cut it, companion-wise. Basically, this is their default status (unless it’s 4am):


Right. So since I’ve had so much time, in addition to doing all of the random things mentioned above, I’ve managed to watch approximately 6 episodes of X Factor  – both the US and UK versions. It’s been pretty glorious, and the UK finale is on, as we speak (aaaah!). Who will win?!

Ok, enough of that. Life updates-wise, it’s been somewhat calm the last few weeks, but it’s about to get exciting! We’ve got a Christmas work lunch this week, a friend coming into town for a day, aaand we are headed to Berlin this Thursday for a few days before Christmas. Very much looking forward to seeing the Christmas markets there and for my first trip to Germany. After that, we’ll be spending Christmas in London — our first Christmas without family. It’s bittersweet. I’m happy to be spending our first Christmas together as our little family of 2 (or if I’m being honest, our family of 4. The cats are basically our kids…), but I can’t lie and say that I won’t be missing being around the rest of our family, and I know that M feels the same. It’s all that much easier to handle though because of the technology that we have. So thankful that we at least have the chance to see everyone over video chat.

I think it’s time for me to start calling in my votes for X Factor now, so I’ll leave you with a beautiful pic from our trip to Oslo, Norway over Thanksgiving weekend. Merry Christmas, everyone!



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