Wandering Berlin

So I’m taking a step back to recap some of our travels and share some photos. Trying to play catchup, since I’ve been slacking on the blog updates!

We traveled to Berlin the weekend before Christmas for a 4-day getaway. It was my first time in Germany, and it made me want to return to Germany in the future — the people were friendly, our hotel was gorgeous, and we just had a generally good time walking around (the several glasses of mulled wine involved throughout the trip may have also influenced my happiness.).

The city clearly has an insane amount of history — from the destruction it incurred during WWII (and its extensive role and presence during the war), to the Berlin Wall and its fall. It was strange for us to think about how much the city has changed since the wall fell, and that we were both very much alive when that actually happened. It feels in some ways that the city is still developing and recovering from that, so I’ll be interested to see what Berlin is like in another 20 years. Now, on to the photos!

Visiting Checkpoint Charlie — one gate between East and West

A close-up of the actual sign:

Remnants of the Wall

Brandenburg Gate is another massive symbol in the city (see here for a more detailed account of why), and we found ourselves at it several times during the trip. It’s in such a central location, and it’s beautiful to look at, especially at night.

The gorgeous Brandenburg Gate (with a little US Embassy Berlin sneaking into the picture on the right!)

We also visited the home of Germany’s Parliament, the Reichstag building. You have to make an appointment online a day or so in advance in order to go inside, and it’s well worth it.

So large that it was impossible to get the entire building in the picture
The dome on top of the Reichstag
Inside the dome

And obivously, one of the main things Berlin is known for, and one of the reasons why we chose to go around Christmas, is the abundance of Christmas markets in the city…and the resulting abundance of Glühwein, also known as mulled wine. We visited about 5 markets. So much food, so many trinkets!

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market
Drinking mulled wine is very serious business

Can’t wait to return to Germany in the future!


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