Back in the U.S.!

We are on home leave right now, and enjoying every minute of it.

Florida was the beginning of our trip – very relaxing and great to hang out with the family there. The cross country drive was really fun – we ended up logging over 4000 miles on the road, so it was tiring, but we broke it up enough that it was doable, and I really think there’s no better way to see America. Favorite city? New Orleans. SO much character. Least favorite? Albuquerque, unfortunately. Part of it was our experience at the hotel, but I’m a big fan of walkable cities, and Albuquerque just is not one of those.

We are in Cali for another week and a half before we head to DC/VA to move into our new apartment. And then – big news, folks – I’ll be starting language training in September! I got the notification that I made it into the class about 2 weeks ago. Very exciting and a little anxiety inducing. I’m not sure if it’s like this for all of the language courses, but the email told us that we (the EFMs on the list) would be registered for the class for 8 weeks, and then they would reevaluate each person’s progress, the resources available, etc., to see if each EFM would then continue on for another 8 weeks. I think it actually works out well, because then if I decide I’m done after 8 weeks, or 16 – it’s ok. Flexibility is always a good thing.

And with that, here are some photos from our trip!

Hanging at the FL beach house
Heading into New Orleans
A very quiet French Quarter
Classic New Orleans
The beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk
Hot and sweaty on our hotel balcony in San Antonio
Excited to see the Alamo for the first time!
Endless Texas land
Sandia Peak, New Mexico; beware of taking the tram if you have a fear of heights, but the views are amazing.
Scenic point off the highway in Middle of Nowhere, Arizona
Hoover Dam!
Awed by the size of this dam
The “selfie” tradition continues – Vegas
Eat at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris hotel to get an amaaazing view during dinner (and the fountain show on repeat)
San Diego Marina
Who knew California could look so endless?
We made it!!

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