I feel like the most boring person in the world lately, because of this:


Thai. That’s really all that life has consisted of for the past 10 weeks.

Well, there’s been a lot of decorating going on, and a lot of hanging out with friends and family, but when they ask us what’s going on otherwise, our answer is – Thai! Lots and lots of it. That picture was actually taken during one of the first weeks of training, so there’s a lot of what some of the teachers like to call “phony language” (phonetics). Now our books and my notebook are filled with actual Thai characters.

It’s wild how much we’ve learned since that first week. At this point, we can read paragraphs of text in a decently quick amount of time, and have conversations about our families, jobs, etc.. The conversations are somewhat disjointed, but are conversations nonetheless! The teachers are amazing, and (thankfully) pretty easygoing, so that has made learning this not so easy language much more bearable. The last two weeks were especially fun since we covered two of my favorite topics: shopping and food. Ready to go!


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