My To-Do List

I realized the other day that time is flying by, and that our lives are far from normal. Well, I knew that second part already, but it was only emphasized while I was shopping online the other day, and realized that I couldn’t buy a personalized/custom luggage tag, because I don’t have a permanent phone number. Or a permanent address.

This is the tag that I wanted:


Cute, right? Well, without a phone number or an address to put on there, it’s kind of useless. Great.

Then I also realized that my current to-do list is a little ridiculous. Exhibit A:

It turns out that you can’t transfer a phone number over to Google Voice without terminating your existing cellphone contract, so item #2 on that list isn’t getting done. What will be happening however, is the purchase of a Vonage plan/phone number. For those who don’t know how it works (which, up until 2 days ago, I couldn’t have given you a clear explanation), Vonage will give us a U.S. phone number that will operate over any wireless – or non-wireless I suppose – internet connection. We will have the service in Bangkok, and can set it up so that when someone calls our Vonage phone number, it will forward to our landline in Bangkok (if we have one), and to our cellphones. The plan is to get a Thai cellphone plan once we’re there, so that will be pretty nice to be able to get phone calls from friends and family back in ‘Merica on those phones, while still being able to also use them as normal in Thailand.

These are the things I now research. It all makes me wish that we would have had more time to chat with experienced Foreign Service-ers and learn about all of the different cool communication options available like this before we went to London, especially since having a U.S. phone number would have been just a little helpful to have while planning a wedding. The good thing though, is that we are now planning and researching and learning way ahead of time, and are very wise this time around. Or something.


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