Packing Master/Products I Love

Over Thanksgiving, we were watching the hilariousness that is The Newleywed Game, (I love game shows. I spent an entire summer as a kid watching the Game Show Network.) and the question was, “My wife is on her way to becoming America’s Next Top ________.” We started joking around and then eventually demanded that my husband, his dad, and my sister-in-law’s husband tell us what their answers would be. You know what my husband said? No, not model. He didn’t even bother trying to lie about that one. He said, “America’s Next Top Organizer.”


And you know what? It’s probably true, and I’m completely not embarrassed about it, because being organized makes me happy. Yeah, I said it. I’m one of those weirdos who grins like a crazy person while wandering the aisles in The Container Store (which I’ve sadly recently found out will not ship to a DPO or APO. Ugh.).

So there was recently a post on a Foreign Service group where a mom was extremely excited about reaching all new levels in packing land, and I think it’s brilliant, so I need to share here. She had organized her kids clothing in packing cubes, a.k.a. the greatest product on earth if you travel for a living (or for fun). Exhibit A:

She packed a week’s worth of clothing in each cube. No mess, no digging through your suitcase, no re-folding every other day. They’re amazing.
Funnily enough, I finally purchased a set a few weeks ago, and recently got to use them, and they’ve pretty much changed my life. (Insert lovable eye-rolling from the husband here.) I bought this set of three and figure I could use another two of the medium size, and maybe one more large, but for this short trip, it was great. It was so nice to know where everything was, and to not worry about running out of clothing, because I could see exactly what I had left of each type of clothing item. I spent half of the trip telling M that he should let me buy him a set as well, and that he would love them and they were amazing and and…right. He hasn’t given in yet, but I’m getting there.
Incidentally, the cubes in the picture above are from Dot&Dot – size medium. You can also get similar cubes from eBags, which I didn’t know existed, and may love a little more than my Eagle Creek ones, just because of the ridiculous amount of color options. (The only thing that makes me happier than fun organizing products, is pretty, fun organizing products.) Also, another bonus about eBags, you can get 10% cash back from Ebates when you shop on their website. And now I’m a walking advertisement, so I will be stop…but if you don’t know what Ebates is, and you shop online at all, do yourself a favor and go check it out.

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