We Are Here. Let’s Elaborate.

I have so much to say, and yet no idea what to say about Bangkok. This place is INSANE. In the best way possible. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life – both because the heat is absolutely stifling, and because something as simple as going to the grocery store has now become very…not simple.

First off, our travels to post were anything but uneventful. Maybe I should have considered this an omen.

We arrived in Bangkok about 4 hours after our initial scheduled arrival time – which meant we arrived well after midnight (ouch). We found out upon arriving at the airport that our plane had the dreaded “mechanical issues,” and this unfortunately had had a cascading effect on the rest of our travel plans. So, the first two legs of our flight were completely changed, but no worries, we would prevail!

So excited to be on our way! Like a bunch of naive newbies.

We took the change in stride, and settled in at the airport. Everything was going smoothly until about 30 minutes before we were scheduled to board our first flight. I got a phone call from the pet shipper saying that Chewie, who from here on out I will refer to as, “Derp #1,” had had a seizure. Cue extremely distraught, worried pet parents. He had done this before, but the vets had never quite confirmed it was a seizure, or figured out the cause of it, because he would basically act normal after it happened. Well, unfortunately, now we know. It’s caused by stress, and it’s most definitely a seizure. Because of this, the flights for Derp #1 and Derp #2 (formerly known as Han) were canceled for that day. We frantically called our vet to find out what our options were (well, M did – I was too upset to talk to anyone). Our vet then proceeded to tell him that Chewie would need to be boarded for 30 days, put on anti-seizure meds, and monitored to see if he could fly at a later date. When M expressed that this really didn’t seem like a great option, and that it would probably stress poor derp cat out even more, possibly causing more seizures, she suggested that we consider re-homing him. At this point, I’m sure M was really happy that I was not on the phone with the vet, because it would have been one of those times where little itty Katie, went kaboom. It was definitely not the right time to for her to suggest that, no matter how practical she may have been trying to be. Thoughtless and harsh. Ok, enough about that.

After spending the entire leg of the first flight seriously and sadly discussing what to do about our boys, we decided to take a huge risk, and have the pet shipper try to get them on the same flight the next day, in hopes that Derp #1 could stick it out, and we could get him home, with us, where he could calm down and feel safe. (The pet shipper, by the way, totally understood our point of view and was very supportive. Thank you, Club Pet.) If he did have another seizure, M’s amazing parents were prepared to cut their road trip/vacation short, pick up both cats from the pet shipper, and take them to FL until we could figure something out. Incidentally, they are the best.

Thankfully, after a tense few days, this was the result:

Safe and sound. We love you, Derp #1. An unexplainable and unreasonable amount.

In case you’re wondering, Derp #2, is also alive and doing well. And doing derpy things like sleeping in closets.

We love you too, Derp #2. And we love that you cause us considerably less stress.

So, we arrived safely. Cats arrived safely. I’m happy to report that my feet have recovered from looking like this:

I’m so sorry you just looked at this photo. 16 hours in the air does this. Beware.

And are now back to normal, non-cankle having sizes.

We were exhausted the first day, and are possibly still jet-lagged almost a week later, but all is well. Our apartment is amazing. None of us know what to do with all of this space. We are sweating constantly, but it’s ok, because we’re home. (It really is hot as all hell here though.)


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