Bangkok: Tellin’ It Like It Is

Alright, so we are at exactly 3 weeks in. Here are just a handful of my observations thus far:

1) The people are very friendly, and possibly superhuman because they don’t ever seem to sweat, yet wear jeans and long sleeve shirts. However, as expected, they generally won’t speak to me in Thai. Even when I try to speak to them in my broken Thai, the response is usually in English. We have had a few successful exchanges, mostly at restaurants. It’s the little victories that count. #6monthsofmylifewenttothaianditbetternotbefornaught

2) Chatuchak Market is quite possibly the greatest place on earth. I may or may not be addicted. It’s hard not to be when you can get three silk scarves for $16.

One of 9 billion aisles in the Chatuchak weekend market.

3) The malls have gone from being mind-blowing, to intriguing, to just damn overwhelming. I never thought I would say this, but…there are too many malls. I’m not even sure which ones I’ve been to anymore. They are also all very huge. I definitely got lost in Central World, which is just, in a word – ridiculous.

Siam Paragon, a.k.a. “The Pride of Bangkok”

4) Dairy Queen gets a big thumbs up. Except they don’t have milkshakes. That’s just wrong, but I’ll give them a pass, because the Blizzard I had was very good.

Side note – the guy in front of M has a shirt on that says “Personal Trainer.” Uh huh.

5) The one thing that boggles my mind, is how the electricity is still running. Between the massive storms that happen roughly once a day here now that it’s rainy season, and this:

It just doesn’t seem possible. Also, the other day after a storm, there were wires hanging down on the sidewalk. I feel very safe here. So safe.

6) However, if anything was actually going to kill you in Bangkok, it would be a motorcycle. Or a car. Or a truck. There’s a slight lack of sidewalks here, and also a slight lack of traffic rules. There is one intersection that I cross nearly everyday that is basically a free for all. It has a blinking traffic sign hanging in the middle of it, but I’m not sure it means anything to the drivers. So, I’ve realized that a) this is not rare, b) I’m lucky to still be alive, because people will run you over and not even look back, and c) I probably need a helmet.

This is a very tame version of what it usually looks like. Today, I saw someone videotaping the intersection, because yes, it is that ridiculous.

7) The food is not only amazing, it’s incredibly cheap. We had Japanese food for dinner the other night for a whopping total of $10 (two main dishes, and one appetizer). And no, I’m not sick of Asian food. Not even close.

8) We love it here. It’s wonderfully different, and fun, and crazy, and great…those are the only adjectives I can think of right now. Maybe the heat has damaged the vocabulary-housing part of my brain.


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