Christmas in July – a.k.a. the UAB is here!

It took a little bit longer than we thought, but it’s here, and all unpacked. All in all, it took about 6 weeks for us to get our UAB (that’s Unaccompanied Air Baggage for any newbies out there) in comparison to the 2 weeks it took to get it in London. It arrived in Bangkok about 3 weeks after we did, but it took awhile for the import permit to be processed and approved.

In the end though, I don’t care, because we got it, and my closet went from looking like this:


To this:


Blissful. And the extra time that it took was just another lesson for the books. For instance, I learned last time that putting every single hanger we own in the UAB is usually a good idea. Well, now I’ve learned that putting as many of those hangers in the luggage as humanly possible will help you feel like you’re not in a hotel living out of your suitcase for 6 weeks.

Other things we packed in the UAB that made me pat ourselves on the back, just a little:

  • Our Sleep Number mattress! If you’re in this lifestyle, and you’re thinking about buying a nice mattress, Sleep Number is a great option. (Warning: they are a bit expensive.) The mattress deflates, so you can stuff everything you need into a UAB box. When you get to post, just put it all back together and put the mattress on top of the box spring that post has provided already. Just don’t forget the plug for the pump.
  • Spices. We literally have a million, and our housekeeper thought I was insane, but I saw her using them the other day. I know what’s up.
  • Knives and cutting boards. We brought almost every single one we own, and we’re using them. A lot. The knives that GSO normally provides are not the greatest. We were lucky here in that they were not Ikea, so they actually work pretty well, but it’s still nice to have our own.
  • Pillows! No explanation needed.
  • Ziplock bags (the good kind). You just need them at the strangest moments.
  • Tupperware. When you get brave and try to cook during those first few weeks at post, it’s not a great feeling when you suddenly realize you have nowhere to put leftovers.
  • A tool kit. And another tip, pack a screwdriver in your luggage.
  • Some of our baking sheets, and one pan. It’s nice to have that one go-to pan that you use all the time, because posts are notorious for providing a pots and pan set that is…less than stellar. Same goes for the baking sheets. Sometimes they’re not provided at all.

Things I wish we had already:

  • A tea kettle – electric or otherwise. I mistakenly thought we would be provided one, but we weren’t, and I refuse to buy a new one here when ours will be here in a few weeks. So we’ve been microwaving water…
  • A set of sheets. I had them in my suitcase, and then had a brilliant idea to move them somewhere else, which was apparently the pile for the HHE. Slight fail.
  • Some of our glasses. Particularly the wine glasses. We opted not to put any of ours in the UAB, and we’re sort of regretting it. GSO provided us with six plastic cups, and six teeny tiny coffee mugs that I think are made for those tea parties that little kids have. We don’t need all of our glasses, but a handful would be nice to have right now.
  • A printer. Ours was too heavy, and it got the boot out of the UAB at the last minute. We’re surviving, but it would be really nice to have right now.

Any other things that you’ve found are oh-so-necessary to pack in the UAB?


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