Phuket. Make Sure You Pronounce it Right.

Ok, so I said previously that if you haven’t heard of Phuket before, you should probably come visit us. Stat. The invitation’s still open.

We visited Thailand’s largest island for M’s birthday for a sort of long weekend. His job is a bit demanding, to say the least, but he was able to leave a little bit early so that we could skip out of town on Friday. The flight is barely two hours, so that was fine. Side note, this is one big difference here so far, in comparison to London; there are not as many officers in the section, and so any one officer’s absence has a pretty big effect. Because of this, I recently made a list of every holiday and/or three day weekend in the near future, and started planning what we could do for each. OCD just flourishes in this lifestyle.

So we stayed from Friday until Sunday, and that was enough time, because we had no plans other than to lay around by the pool and be lazy. There are some amazing tours you can take – for example, full day boat excursions out to the Phi Phi Islands & Phang Nga Bay (a.k.a. home of James Bond Island) – but we figured we’ll have plenty of time for those during the rest of our tour here. Plus, it’s an excuse for another trip.

The hotel this time was the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa. Since I’m a strong believer in not paying for anything on your own birthday, my goal was to figure out some way of taking a trip to celebrate his birthday without him having to pay for the whole trip himself (oh hello, life of an EFM!), and so I hoarded Marriott rewards points and used an exorbitant amount of them to book the hotel. The good? The grounds are really stunning, there are views of the Andaman Sea from all over the resort, and the room was pretty large. Ours had this view:


The food at the restaurants on the property was also top-notch. Expensive, but awesome. We had Italian and some amazing steak.

The downside was that the JW is actually on the same property as the Marriott Vacation Club. Marriott Vacation Clubs tend to attract families with kids. We don’t have any kids. We’re also trying to enjoy every second where we don’t have any. Don’t get me wrong – we love kids, but as an aunt to eight nieces and nephews, I am fully aware of how life will never be the same after them, so being able to have a late dinner in peace, or not having to worry about getting a babysitter for date night, is pretty valuable to us these days.

So basically, our dinners were not very, uh, serene. It was less than ideal. However, the rest of our time at the resort was pretty great. And there are countless pools, so finding a quiet area during the day was pretty easy.

IMG_3643A little cloudy, but still beautiful. And there was a swim-up bar. That helped.

There was also a fire show at the resort, which they hold every Saturday evening at sunset. I’m not sure on the history of this ritual, but it was beautiful to watch. Here’s one of my favorite still shots from the show, and a short video is right below that.


Aaand, some other pictures from the trip:

DSC_0342Confession: The Andaman Sea scared the bejeesus out of me. Rainy season means some serious waves and a no swimming warning flag. Hence, the empty beach. Something to keep in mind if you go during this time.

IMG_0340IMG_3679Happy birthday, Diploman!


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