We are getting all of our stuff tomorrow. I think my heart skipped a bit when my husband forwarded the email to me, confirming that, yes – they really did want to schedule delivery of not one, but both of our HHEs! After I came back down to earth, I realized that maybe it was a little ridiculous that I was so excited to receive stuff. Some of which we haven’t seen in a year, which begs the question – do we really even need it??

I don’t consider myself to be materialistic. I like nice things, but it’s never been my life’s goal to have the best of everything. We both have always, and continue to work hard in order to be able to splurge here and there – mainly on trips, if you can’t tell – but a buyer of $2000 Chanel bags, I am not. 

What it comes down to, is that in this lifestyle – where you pack up every two to three years to live in a completely foreign, many times uncomfortable locale – the stresses of that need to be offset somehow, and one of the easiest ways to do that, is to have comforts from home. When you can’t figure out what kind of milk is actually 2% vs. whole milk because the label is in a weird font that you can’t read, when the building-provided couch in your apartment makes you feel like you’re in a therapist’s office because it forces you to scrunch up into an L-shape and is as hard as a rock, when you can’t get a taxi because the driver decides he just doesn’t feel like driving to wherever you’re going, or when you can’t find a decent greeting card in English, sometimes you just want – you just need – to feel like you’re home. You want to come home and have photos of your family up on the walls, you want your fancy garbage can that is absolutely ridiculous, but allows you to recycle easily, you want your own mattress and pretty bed frame that you spent months pondering over whether to buy or not because it wasn’t on sale, you want your cast iron pan that will make that perfect meal that reminds you of home, and you want your massive couch that will allow you to cuddle properly with your loved one (or your cats?) after a long day. 

So in the end, I guess I’m ok with wanting our stuff and being just a little too excited about it. Sometimes that’s just ok.


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