We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

During our first week here in Bangkok, we decided to go grocery shopping – as one does when they move to a new place and realize they have no food and are 100% over eating out every night. Not a bad idea, right? Well, we went, but we chose the wrong store to go to: Big C.

Oooh, Big C. So Big C was described to us as pretty much the closest thing that Bangkok has to a Target. Honestly though, who are we all kidding – there’s never really anything that’s as good as Target! Some places come close, but I wouldn’t necessarily put Big C in that category. It was more of a Walmart…

I wish I had more pictures, but I think I was too stunned to snap any. It was a madhouse, and it was the perfect illustration of why living abroad can be so difficult sometimes: grocery shopping suddenly became a very not simple task. Part of it was that we made the mistake of going on a Sunday, which is apparently when the entire city does their shopping – so we got to enjoy the Thailand version of People of Walmart. I’m talking, barefoot, caveman-style feet riding the escalator, kids running everywhere, interesting outfits…it was exhausting to be around, particularly when you’re still jetlagged. And then there was this:

IMG_3961Looks like a lot of dark liquids to me.

IMG_3965New tactic: shop by picture.

Endless aisles of that. It’s a bit reminiscent of the insanity we have in U.S. grocery stores actually, except this time, we couldn’t read anything (refer back to my fancy font vs. regular font rant). This resulted in randomly picking one of the bottles that looked like soy sauce, and not picking any of the stuff that I still can’t identify, three months later. Noodles maybe?

The best part was of course the meat section. There were stands staggered throughout the section, with the meat out in the open and unpackaged, ready for people to pick and choose what they wanted. I guess. Sensory overload and jetlag took over at that moment, so we quickly decided it was time to go and headed home with our bounty. The damage? We spent just about $40 on food that would last for weeks. One more reason to love Thailand.


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