Before & After

Well, we got our things a few weeks ago, and while we still have a lot of work to do (a.k.a. I think I’m actually going to tackle painting some of this place…yikes), the place is finally starting to come together. Have I mentioned how much we love/appreciate all the space we have?

I didn’t really plan these pictures out too well, so the angles are different between some of the “before” and “after” photos, but you get the idea. First though, let me tickle your eyes with a picture of the chaos that happened in between us getting our stuff, and getting it and having it all actually put away:

IMG_4113Beautiful, isn’t it? Ok, now for the more pleasant photos:

living room joined Living Room (this is Derp Cat#1’s preferred room)

dining room joined Dining Room

kitchenjoined Kitchen

masterjoinedMaster Bedroom


One thought on “Before & After

  1. a beal

    Wow!! The whole place looks very nice! I can def tell you’re loving the larger space. The furniture and the decor gives it a very cozy feeling. Love it!!!


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