Happy Birthday, Marines!

Embassy Bangkok rocked it last night. The marine balls are known to be a ton of fun, and this year’s did not disappoint (we may or may not still be recovering.). We love going to these birthday balls – it’s a really nice way to say thank you to the marines for everything they do, to celebrate with them, and to get all warm and fuzzy proud-American.

This year is birthday number two-hundred forty. The embassy’s event was at a pretty snazzy hotel in downtown Bangkok. The dancing part of the night started off with a song that I had to shazam because I’d never heard it, yet a ton of people were on the dance floor immediately, doing a choreographed dance to it. I felt pretty old, and immediately started polling others around us to see whether they knew the song or not. (Verdict is: I may be living under a rock. The song came out in 2008…yeah.). Regardless, we had a great time. Can’t wait for next year’s!

IMG_0877 - with text


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