Anyone else obsessed with the new Adele album? I know I am. It’s been a busy Christmas season (which is probably an obvious statement since I haven’t posted anything in a month. Yikes!), but I’ve managed to listen to “Hello” about nine million times, and subsequently drive my husband absolutely insane. In the not so holiday spirit, I’m also currently obsessed with Rihanna’s oldie (?) but goody, “B!tch Better Have My Money” (link/song nsfw – just in case the title didn’t give it away). I mean, “baht baht baht!” fits right into the song! It’s almost as though it would be a crime for me not to like it when it’s so applicable on a daily basis. #Thailandcurrencyforthewin

So in other news…guys…it’s been cool lately! The heat has finally broken in Bangkok, and we are enjoying every minute of it.


Don’t pay attention to the highs – just the lows. 69 degrees!! Trust me – after months of 90+ degrees and 90% humidity, even 80 degrees feels wonderful. In general though, the weather here is still wonderful. I will take the heat over four months of freezing temps any day.

Anyway, back to life. We’ve had visitors come to stay with us for a few weeks, celebrated Thanksgiving with some friends in our building and got a little taste of home, flew to Laos for a long weekend and found more reasons to appreciate the developed city that is Bangkok (but Laos is beautiful), worked our butts off (Exhibit A: husband is currently working one of the Ambassador’s holiday receptions, I worked yesterday’s, and we’ll both be at tomorrow’s), gone on two food tours in the city, found a ton of different holiday outdoor markets, watched the new Star Wars flick (!!), and shopped like crazy people for Christmas. This year was a bit more stressful than most, as things just take a really long time to get here. I also made the silly mistake of sending gifts for others to myself first so I could wrap and then ship to family in the U.S.. Two things: 1) this gets really expensive, and 2) this is just not a good idea unless you order everything in October. I’ve learned my lesson for next year. I just got my wrapping paper order today though, so overall, it’s a successful day, and Christmas is saved.

So that is the very quick update. Wishing everyone a happy holidays and a fabulous new year! We will be soaking up the sunshine on the beach with more visitors (who we are so very excited to see), and making the best of not being able to be with family this year. Happy new year!


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