I Know, I Know

I dropped off of the face of the earth again. Sorry.

We have been on a whirlwind of…things (life?) these past few months. We’ve had numerous (awesome) visitors, been working non-stop, and traveled a ton. I think my blogging got put on the back-burner after we went to Japan for a week. I feel like after we got back, I never quite caught up on life, and then poof! It’s April. I will do a separate blog on Japan, by the way, because it’s that amazing and I now want to live there. Forever.

You know what inspired me to blog again, though? This guy:

female asian koel

Yes, I realize that is a terrifyingly ugly demon bird. Even my mother, bird-lover extraordinaire, who treats the birds near her house as replacement children since the real ones have all left, responded to my text of a video of “my bird” with “He has red eyes, Li Li. omg.” But let me explain.

This bird is called the Asian Koel, and it is alllll over the place here. Except I’ve never actually seen one. They hide in the trees and make this amazing noise – one that I find really pretty and kind of soothing actually, but that apparently the majority of other folks find annoying as crap. See results of google search here:


edit - Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 8.54.53 AM.jpg

Poor bird.

I love it though, and have been so frustrated that I can never seem to actually find one. They are all over the embassy grounds, and when I’m leaving in the sometimes late late late afternoon, it’s the only sound you can hear. Now might be a good time to link to a video so you can hear this guy.

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly soothing, but it’s definitely intriguing, and from day one, I really wanted to see what kind of creature was capable of this sound. One morning, the bird made an appearance in a tree right outside of our building. The noise made me stop in my tracks, stomp determinedly back to the tree, and stare at it for a good 2 minutes to see if I could find the damn thing. I failed. One of the building guards got a good laugh though.

Finally, two days ago, I got the brilliant idea to ask some friends if they “knew about this bird…that’s really loud…but I’m not going to try to demonstrate the sound it makes…”and they immediately knew what I was talking about, googled the name, and the mystery was solved. Life changing.

And now, I’ve written an entire blog post about a bird. As my husband would say, this is further evidence that I’ve “gone old.” My mom at least, is thrilled that I’m becoming more like her every day.



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