A Weekend in the Alps

One of the best parts of this lifestyle – and a major benefit of being in Europe – is being able to travel frequently, easily, and relatively inexpensively to the continent. We’ve really been trying to take advantage and go to places that are a bit off the beaten path (for us at least).

Last month, we got a chance to go to the French Alps for a long weekend. We met up with two friends and rented a tiny little apartment in the town of Briançon, through Airbnb. We flew into Switzerland for about $200 roundtrip, and then rented a car to do the approximately 3 hour drive to the town. The town itself was pretty adorable (and is a Unesco World Heritage site), and completely fit my stereotype of what a European ski town would look like.

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Plannin’ Fools

So I’ve taken radio silence to an all new level. Sorry about that.

Fall has arrived here in the UK, and it’s been really pleasant so far. The weather has been great, and we’ve been enjoying ourselves and enjoying the city. We had two of my besties come visit for a week, and it was wonderful to have them. We walked for about 3 days straight. Exhausting, but fun and always the best way to see a city. It also decided not to rain for the whole week, so that was a huge bonus.

Hi friends!

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