We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

During our first week here in Bangkok, we decided to go grocery shopping – as one does when they move to a new place and realize they have no food and are 100% over eating out every night. Not a bad idea, right? Well, we went, but we chose the wrong store to go to: Big C.

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Klongtoey Market: Where Vegetarians are Made

So that happened.

If you check tripadvisor for Klongtoey Market, or read any of the guidebooks, this place gets really good reviews. However, if you actually read the reviews – instead of just looking to see how many little colored circles it gets – you’ll actually get a little bit of an idea of what you’re in for. The good: this is as authentic as it gets. The bad: this is as authentic as it gets.

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Bangkok: Tellin’ It Like It Is

Alright, so we are at exactly 3 weeks in. Here are just a handful of my observations thus far:

1) The people are very friendly, and possibly superhuman because they don’t ever seem to sweat, yet wear jeans and long sleeve shirts. However, as expected, they generally won’t speak to me in Thai. Even when I try to speak to them in my broken Thai, the response is usually in English. We have had a few successful exchanges, mostly at restaurants. It’s the little victories that count. #6monthsofmylifewenttothaianditbetternotbefornaught

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You Know You’re an American in London When…(Part 1)

I consider myself to be a pretty well-traveled and adaptable person, but as we settle in here and as I spend my pre-job days exploring the city, there are still things that baffle me, trip me up, and make me look like the bumbling, dorky American that I truly am. So here we go:

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