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Updates y’all! Since I disappeared 10 months ago, we found out where we’re going next. This time around, Diploman had a completely different bidding process. (See here for some info on how the process worked for the first two tours.) We knew it was coming, but even knowing a little about what to expect, it was a very daunting process this time around. Here’s the skinny.

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Anyone else obsessed with the new Adele album? I know I am. It’s been a busy Christmas season (which is probably an obvious statement since I haven’t posted anything in a month. Yikes!), but I’ve managed to listen to “Hello” about nine million times, and subsequently drive my husband absolutely insane. In the not so holiday spirit, I’m also currently obsessed with Rihanna’s oldie (?) but goody, “B!tch Better Have My Money” (link/song nsfw – just in case the title didn’t give it away). I mean, “baht baht baht!” fits right into the song! It’s almost as though it would be a crime for me not to like it when it’s so applicable on a daily basis. #Thailandcurrencyforthewin

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That Day I Cried in the Street

There’s always something that eventually breaks you in a new country, and it’s a very clear moment. It’s that day where you just stop for a second, and you think, this is supposed to be easy! Why do I live here?! Why oh why did we choose this life?! I’m not sure what it was in London – maybe the day that I realized it was pitch black outside at 4pm, and that it was going to be that way for a few months – but it became very clear on Monday what it would be for me here in Bangkok: taxis. Not having to dodge a minefield of dog poop and dead roaches every morning on the walk to work, not the motorcycles that drive on the sidewalk and try to run you over, not the people that start pushing you towards the door on the train before it even stops, not the 90 degree, 90% humidity that we’re having in “cool” season – nope, none of that. The taxis did it.

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Happy Birthday, Marines!

Embassy Bangkok rocked it last night. The marine balls are known to be a ton of fun, and this year’s did not disappoint (we may or may not still be recovering.). We love going to these birthday balls – it’s a really nice way to say thank you to the marines for everything they do, to celebrate with them, and to get all warm and fuzzy proud-American.

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City Life

I had a revelation the other day as I was walking home from my Zumba class. It was a Saturday morning, hot and sunny. I got to the street where I was supposed to turn, and there was a seemingly never-ending line of cars going through the intersection. It was so long of a line, that the idea of trying to cross the street there brought about visions of creating my own real-life version of Frogger. That’s not something I want to be a part of, so I didn’t cross, and instead just kept walking. I ended up on some very quiet back roads. There were hardly any cars and I saw just a few locals walking. There were a handful of food stalls, but not nearly as many as there are on the main roads. I passed by houses that were gated off and had trees surrounding them. I heard birds. It was so peaceful, and I was practically skipping with the joy of it. And then I realized…hmm, I don’t think I actually like living in big cities.* Smart move marrying the diplomat.

*NYC is the exception to this rule. NYC is a special beast that I will always love, regardless of how ridiculously crowded and noisy it is.

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Girl Power

Over the years, there’s been a lot of talk about diversity – or to be blunt, the lack of diversity – in the Foreign Service. So when I saw this article about the women behind the Iran deal, I had a little “I’m so proud to be female!” moment. I mean, not that I don’t think women are badasses everyday, but it’s nice to get a very obvious reminder, particularly when they’re diplomats. A little inspiring. Just a little.

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The Lowdown on Language Training

I haven’t seen a ton of info on language training out in the blogosphere, so I thought I’d give my take. Funny side note – months ago, I had originally titled this post “Why Language Training Rocks.” I then abandoned writing it, because I was too busy, and I laughed upon picking it back up and realizing that there was no way I would title this post that anymore. My view of language training has changed a bit from “it rocks!” to…well…”it has its benefits?”

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