We are getting all of our stuff tomorrow. I think my heart skipped a bit when my husband forwarded the email to me, confirming that, yes – they really did want to schedule delivery of not one, but both of our HHEs! After I came back down to earth, I realized that maybe it was a little ridiculous that I was so excited to receive stuff. Some of which we haven’t seen in a year, which begs the question – do we really even need it??

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The Before

Well, our stuff got delivered. It got unpacked. Now it just needs to be put..somewhere…

So in anticipation of us actually being able to achieve a nice apartment at some point and have an “after,” I give you the “before pictures:

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Oh, Happy Day

This was me on Wednesday:

The good news just poured…

First, we got notification that our HHE was in the near vicinity – aka not in the ocean. It is being delivered next Wednesday. WOOHOOO! Of course, M will be in DC for work when it arrives, but I am prepared to do battle with the delivery guys and make sure that they unpack everything this time. Side note – when our UAB arrived, they claimed it was not their responsibility to unpack anything. I knew they would try to say this based off of comments from others, but didn’t care at the time because I wanted to unpack everything myself, and there were only 4 boxes. With the HHE it’s different. I definitely do not want all 40 of the boxes left in our apartment for us to dispose of, and I have zero desire to unpack all of them myself. Dukes are up and ready.

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We Made It!

We’ve arrived in London! We got here Friday morning at around 6am London time. The flight was pretty pleasant. I slept for an hour or so, but M stayed awake the entire seven hours, watching movies. We found our embassy sponsor with pretty much no issue and headed to the flat (that still sounds weird), getting there around 9 or so after fighting through the infamous London traffic.

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