Holy goodness guys. We got our own Jonas/snowzilla blizzard here. It was 64 degrees outside this morning. I got to work non-sweaty, with hair that looked like it was styled, and smelling like flowers. Or whatever I smell like when I’m not sweating. I don’t really remember anymore.

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The Kong

The other day, M tells me that his boss has offered him first dibs on taking a Friday and the subsequent Monday off from work. He actually asked me whether or not I thought he should take the days, to which I screamed, “Take them and run!!”. Ok, not really, but I emphatically said yes. So, what do you do when you have an unexpected four day weekend? You plan a trip, of course! (We live in an alternate reality, yes.) So this time, we chose Hong Kong, which is now known to us as, The Kong. Or alternatively, The Only Place On Earth That’s Hotter Than Bangkok Right Now. 

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One Year In

Yesterday was our one-year anniversary in London. Woop woop! We spent some time throughout the day reminiscing about what we were doing at that particular point in the day one year ago. It ended up going something like, “oh, we were sleeping still.” “Aahh, remember we were heading to the pub down the road and met a bunch of people from the embassy?” And so on. It’s been quite a year, but things are beginning to normalize after the craziness of getting settled here, doing non-stop wedding planning, finding a job, both of us getting settled in our jobs, actually having the wedding, going on the honeymoon, and finally getting back here to resume life as “normal.” After we got back from the honeymoon, we kind of sat there for a second, looked at each other and said, ok, now we can actually start living a somewhat normal life. Phew.

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Winter’s a Comin’

The days have started getting shorter here and the weather a little colder as we get closer to the holidays and time continues flying by as if it’s a race. As of yesterday, M and I have been married for 5 months. I don’t know where the time has gone. It seems like we just got here and were just taking a taxi to the Arlington courthouse in a happy daze. M of course laughed at me when I noted it was our 5 month wedding anniversary. “5 months? One less than 6 months?”

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