We Are Here. Let’s Elaborate.

I have so much to say, and yet no idea what to say about Bangkok. This place is INSANE. In the best way possible. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life – both because the heat is absolutely stifling, and because something as simple as going to the grocery store has now become very…not simple.

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Moving Pets

Ah, the woes and random issues that become the focus of your life when you’re moving. The latest puzzle for us has been figuring out how to move our two cats back to the U.S. this summer. If you’re in a similar situation, hopefully some of this info will be helpful. It’s been confusing, complicated, and time-consuming so far, and we had a few concerns/obstacles to begin with.

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Far Far Away

One of the hardest things about living abroad and far away from family and friends is when the big events come up. Like weddings. And babies. Two of those are happening to two of my best friends very soon, and I was more than a little upset about having to miss their bridal and baby showers, which occurred on the same weekend back home in Delaware. I was thisclose to just saying, screw it! and buying a ticket home, but then I saw the price tag and came back down to reality.

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The Adventures of Pre-Motherhood

Sometimes I wonder what kind of parents M and I will be (some day WAY IN THE FUTURE, MOM. Do not get your hopes up.). It seems like the majority of people posted here in London, and elsewhere really – have children, and I can understand how the kid timeline can get upped when you’re living this lifestyle. However, getting the kittens has been a good test (and lesson) for us. Having pets really is the closest thing to children I think you can get, other than actually having the kids. I would say babysitting, but that doesn’t count, because you always know they’re going home, so it’s never quite as real. With pets, they’re yours – forever. And if you get them when they’re babies, you’re basically raising them and teaching them your ways as though they’re a child. Or something.

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