New Year’s in London

It’s a new year! So excited for 2014 and all of the fun things to come. I have a good feeling about this year. Or, it could just be that I really like even numbers. Either way, on New Year’s Eve, I found myself looking back on the year, and then thinking in general what an amazing past few years I’ve had, and wondering how this one could top any of them.

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Touring Ireland

We have been super busy these last few weeks, as usual, but it’s been a good busy overall. Side note – changed the name of the blog! Still me though. 🙂 Just wasn’t completely feeling the old name.

So last weekend was a three day weekend because of Columbus Day (cheers for the embassy being closed on U.S. Holidays!), so we had planned a weekend trip to Dublin. We actually ended up getting a deal for it through Groupon, so heads up for those! The deal included hotel and airfare for a pretty good price, although they did get us with the times that the airfare was valid for — we had to pay extra not to leave on Saturday night and come back early on Monday morning, which obviously would’ve cut the trip super short.

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