We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

During our first week here in Bangkok, we decided to go grocery shopping – as one does when they move to a new place and realize they have no food and are 100% over eating out every night. Not a bad idea, right? Well, we went, but we chose the wrong store to go to: Big C.

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Bangkok: Tellin’ It Like It Is

Alright, so we are at exactly 3 weeks in. Here are just a handful of my observations thus far:

1) The people are very friendly, and possibly superhuman because they don’t ever seem to sweat, yet wear jeans and long sleeve shirts. However, as expected, they generally won’t speak to me in Thai. Even when I try to speak to them in my broken Thai, the response is usually in English. We have had a few successful exchanges, mostly at restaurants. It’s the little victories that count. #6monthsofmylifewenttothaianditbetternotbefornaught

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Packing Master/Products I Love

Over Thanksgiving, we were watching the hilariousness that is The Newleywed Game, (I love game shows. I spent an entire summer as a kid watching the Game Show Network.) and the question was, “My wife is on her way to becoming America’s Next Top ________.” We started joking around and then eventually demanded that my husband, his dad, and my sister-in-law’s husband tell us what their answers would be. You know what my husband said? No, not model. He didn’t even bother trying to lie about that one. He said, “America’s Next Top Organizer.”

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Learning Curve

So now that we’ve been back in the US for about 6 weeks and are starting to get settled, I’ve had some time to look back on our first post and think of all our “lessons learned” (can’t resist making a little fun of “consultant speak”). It’s so nice not to be a complete newbie anymore, but I’m far from knowing all things Foreign Service. Far. But after lots of bumbling around, we did learn a few things.

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Personal Shopper? Yes, please!

Ok, so a few weeks ago I discovered a really fun/new (aka very dangerous) personal shopping type service, thanks to a co-worker friend of mine. She urged me to try it after testing it out herself, and I figured, why not? I don’t really love shopping here in London because everything is crazy expensive, so this seemed like a good way to fill up the needed spaces in my wardrobe.

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Oh, Happy Day

This was me on Wednesday:

The good news just poured…

First, we got notification that our HHE was in the near vicinity – aka not in the ocean. It is being delivered next Wednesday. WOOHOOO! Of course, M will be in DC for work when it arrives, but I am prepared to do battle with the delivery guys and make sure that they unpack everything this time. Side note – when our UAB arrived, they claimed it was not their responsibility to unpack anything. I knew they would try to say this based off of comments from others, but didn’t care at the time because I wanted to unpack everything myself, and there were only 4 boxes. With the HHE it’s different. I definitely do not want all 40 of the boxes left in our apartment for us to dispose of, and I have zero desire to unpack all of them myself. Dukes are up and ready.

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