The Kong

The other day, M tells me that his boss has offered him first dibs on taking a Friday and the subsequent Monday off from work. He actually asked me whether or not I thought he should take the days, to which I screamed, “Take them and run!!”. Ok, not really, but I emphatically said yes. So, what do you do when you have an unexpected four day weekend? You plan a trip, of course! (We live in an alternate reality, yes.) So this time, we chose Hong Kong, which is now known to us as, The Kong. Or alternatively, The Only Place On Earth That’s Hotter Than Bangkok Right Now. 

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Learning Curve

So now that we’ve been back in the US for about 6 weeks and are starting to get settled, I’ve had some time to look back on our first post and think of all our “lessons learned” (can’t resist making a little fun of “consultant speak”). It’s so nice not to be a complete newbie anymore, but I’m far from knowing all things Foreign Service. Far. But after lots of bumbling around, we did learn a few things.

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