Before & After

Well, we got our things a few weeks ago, and while we still have a lot of work to do (a.k.a. I think I’m actually going to tackle painting some of this place…yikes), the place is finally starting to come together. Have I mentioned how much we love/appreciate all the space we have?

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Plannin’ Fools

So I’ve taken radio silence to an all new level. Sorry about that.

Fall has arrived here in the UK, and it’s been really pleasant so far. The weather has been great, and we’ve been enjoying ourselves and enjoying the city. We had two of my besties come visit for a week, and it was wonderful to have them. We walked for about 3 days straight. Exhausting, but fun and always the best way to see a city. It also decided not to rain for the whole week, so that was a huge bonus.

Hi friends!

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